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Load Handler - The Pickup Truck Unloader now in the UK

         A quicker & safer way of unloading your pickup - Simply fits on to tailgate - no drilling or welding


What model Loadhandler do I need for my truck?

We think most of the UK pickup trucks will need the mid-size LH2200M or the LH3000M which is new to the UK depending on whether you or your team would prefer the HD variety.

Both units are robust and sell well; the LH2200M has polymer moulded brackets and is neat and tidy and the LH3000M is basic but beefy.

So, for normal use LH2200M, Daily or HD use LH3000M.

Both these models have a dragsheet width of 107cm (42) and a maximum length when unrolled of 450cm (177). Both of these should fit the Toyota Hilux, the Mitsubishi L200, Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara, Isuzu Rodeo, Mazda BT50, Volkswagen Caddy and Peugeot 504.

(Note: If you have a variant with twin tailgate latches rather than a central handle please phone for advice.)


We're particularly interested to learn about the new 'thicker' tailgates appearing now on some new trucks and can supply brackets to suit. The standard brackets supplied with your Loadhandler Unloader will encompass tailgates up to 75mm (3) thick.  Call us if you are in doubt.

Simple to fit - No drilling!

Is it as easy as it seems?

Yes it is. The Loadhandler kit fits direct on to your tailgate and is held in place with sturdy straps. There is no welding or drilling required (and when you've finished, it simply comes off again). Properly fitted with the padded brackets and sturdy fixing straps supplied, the Loadhandler Pickup Unloader will not damage your truck.

Now unfurl the dragsheet, load up, and when you're ready to unload, drop the tailgate into the horizontal position, insert the crank handle and unload, job done.


What should I watch out for?

Material building up behind the wheel arches. Clear this if it stops the load or if it's a recurring problem and you use the Loadhandler a lot, why not knock up a plywood shield to prevent filling behind the arches.
The Loadhandler relies on the low-friction 'dragsheet' sliding over the bed or floor of the truck therefore you want to minimise any additional resistance. If your floor is old and rusted, simply place a ribbed rubber mat over the bed, or a thin plywood sheet and this will ensure the load will slide smoothly and prevent damage or tearing to the drag sheet. (However in normal use, any small tears can be easily repaired using duct tape).


How do I deal with any soil, compost or stones left behind?

If you have any loose material left in after unloading, it can easily be raked out afterwards. Or if you have a moulded load liner, why not use the Loadhandler Bedliner Rake a purpose designed tool that easily fits any standard broom handle or telescopic painters handles and will assist in removing topsoil, gravel, woodchips, bark, sand, snow etc it even has 3 different sides of teeth moulded in that will clean the grooves of most truck bed liners.


Can I use the Loadhandler to unload my flat-bed Transit or trailer?

We know unloading non-tipping flatbed trucks or a conventional towing trailer has the same issues. Many of us use trailers behind 4x4s e.g. Ifor Williams, Weeks, Batesons etc. and the suggestion is that with a little DIY in the farm or yard workshop, the new Heavy duty Loadhandler LH3000M could be adapted.
Ring us for a chat and some more details.


Using your Loadhandler

Unfurl Dragsheet, cover the whole truck bed...
Unfurl Dragsheet, cover the whole truck bed...

Load up the pickup truck as normal...
Load up the pickup truck as normal...

Drop the tailgate...
Drop the tailgate...

Use the handle to wind-off the load...
Use the handle to wind-off the load...


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