The Loadhandler Unloader is a purpose built pickup truck accessory for simply and safely unloading materials from your pickup truck.  The Loadhandler is an ideal tool for groundworkers, landscape gardeners, tree surgeons, log merchants, farmers, nurserymen, equestrian use, builders and DIY - in fact anybody who needs to transport loose, bagged or palletised materials in a pickup.

The Loadhandler system consists of a strong heavy gauge low-friction poly fabric 'Dragsheet' rolled onto a steel bar that runs the length of the tailgate.  The unit, retained by sturdy bodywork-friendly brackets, straps onto the tailgate and you should be up and running in half an hour or so.  There is no welding or drilling involved and it's easy to remove - just unstrap it.

Using the Loadhandler ensures you take safety seriously.  There's no more standing at the tailgate or the side breaking your back shovelling from the waist.  It also eliminates the danger of climbing up onto the load to shovel it out.

Uses include the unloading of logs, woodchip, mulch, ballast, blocks, compost, topsoil, garden waste, bagged materials, pallets, hay and straw bales.  When you've finished, finally rake out any residue that's left behind